Is Your Website Helping Your Business?

Submitted by: Cassi Trear

You must have your own website to succeed online. Anyone who is involved with internet marketing is familiar with this truism. If you want to sell your products online, however, you have to do more than just put up a page and hope people will come.

When people visit your website, they have to be impressed enough with what they see that they trust you and are willing to give your products a chance. Making your website worth reading and buying from does not have to be difficult. Here are a few hints that you can put into practice today to make your website more popular among online buyers.

When you build your website, the graphics and text should be evenly balanced. If you are like many internet marketers, your instinct may be to use many images and not much text. There is a popular notion that people surfing the internet like to look at pictures more than they like to read. There is some validity to this idea, and you can t expect people to read long pages full of text; however, you also have to be careful about using too many images. One problem with too many images is that it makes your website take longer to load on people s computers. Another issue is that if you selling a product and you don t have much written material describing it, people might be skeptical about it. You really have to find the right balance between words and pictures. See how your site looks when loaded by a few different browsers. Many websites have a different appearance depending on the browser that is being used to load them. You might use Google Chrome and see your site as dark blue, but if you use Firefox it might appear maroon, and possibly sky blue on Internet Explorer.


Many people don t want to bother to have to use all these different browsers to check their site, but if you find a problem, you ll be glad you did. Everyone has their favorite browser, and you want them all to see your site the way you want, no matter which one they use. This means testing all of the links, the colors, the site and the buying buttons. Once yo do this, your mind can be at ease!

Popup windows are another in your face kind of device that many visitors won t appreciate.

Popup windows are usually designed to get visitors personal information; however, why should they want to give you this before they ve even had a chance to view your site (and they can t see your site if it s covered over by the popup window)? It s not a good idea to force your visitors to view things like popups when they enter your site. This is another practice that could prevent people from staying on your site and buying something!

Something else some websites do that you should not copy is having a popup window that makes it hard for someone to leave your site. If people want to leave your site, you should not try to stop them. Having a popup window asking people who have already clicked away if they really want to go is annoying. This is the kind of practice that will make it less likely your visitors will ever return.

Once you get started, you ll find that it s not very difficult to make a quality website. Be willing to spend some time on it, and avoid going to extremes in anything. Taking your time to make sure your website looks good will be well worth it when the profits start coming in. Many people today can say they have a website, but not all of them are profitable. If you want to make money on the internet, you need a good website that stands out.

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