Home Improvement The Advantages Of Window Blinds

Submitted by: Trevor Richards

Making home improvements can improve the overall look of either the interior or exterior of a home. In the case of window blinds, there are advantages to having these that can improve both the look of the home from the exterior and from the interior. They can also be a practical choice as there are many advantages to having these fitted.

In terms of the look of the home from the exterior, window blinds will make your home look smart and modern. They add a streamlined look to the window and solve the issue of having curtains that are not hanging just right or are not identically symmetrical when opened. The immediate impression that is given from outside the home is of a smart house.

There are further advantages in the interior of the home. First of all, window blinds can compliment any colour scheme well. They are less fussy than curtains and will not make the room look as cluttered. Window blinds offer a modern feel to the room and compliment contemporary themes well.


There are also practical advantages to having window blinds in the home. One of the most significant ones of these is the ease of cleaning the window blinds. If you have curtains, it is a big task to clean them that requires taking the curtains down, washing and drying them, ironing the curtains and then rehanging them. Alternatively, they may need dry cleaning. This will still involve the effort of taking them down and rehanging them, plus a trip to the dry cleaners and then there is the cost of the dry cleaning service. In comparison, if you have window blinds you face no such difficulties. Cleaning involves a simple wipe with a damp cloth or giving them the once over with a feather duster.

Another practical consideration is that window blinds do not retain smells in the same way that curtains do. Any bad odours in the home, such cooking smells or tobacco smoke, will be retained in the fabric of curtains. As window blinds are usually made of other materials that do not retain bad odours, this can be a distinct advantage to having them fitted.

Finally, window blinds offer choice about the amount of light to let into a room. Whereas as curtains are either open or closed, meaning that the room is either light or dark, with window blinds, you can alter how much the blinds are open to increase or decrease the amount of light that comes into the room. You can also angle the light to avoid glare in certain areas of the room, such as onto the television screen.

Overall, the addition of window blinds can be a great home improvement to make that has a lot of advantages and can solve some practical problems, such as cleaning, odours and the amount of light in your home.

If you are unsure about any aspect of purchasing or installing window blinds then a simple internet search will help to reveal a list of local companies who will be happy to assist you.

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