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One of the most common causes of fatality in the growing population of the world is hypertension. There never has been an exception in terms of age, race and gender so as to speak. Anywhere in the world, what comes into reality is that day by day, the earth loses hundreds to thousands of lives because people tend to take their health for granted.

Lifestyle may define a person’s state of health, and one must consider how great and essential it is to be particular with such. Hypertension, the significant elevation of the blood pressure, is a predisposed medical condition that greatly affects the middle aged to old aged. But genetic factors have been said to be contributing some percentage of possibility for a person to acquire this condition. It may also be present to people having such factors as insulin resistance, mutation and low birth weight. This risk may be triggered or precipitated with the form of lifestyle that one have, sedentary that is. All others will include stress, potassium and other mineral insufficiencies, obesity. This is the characteristic of essential hypertension.

Secondary hypertension that is, is caused by identifiable conditions and it is important to recognize because of the course of treatment that may vary from the essential one. There are underlying medical conditions that lead to elevation of blood pressure. It is caused by the disruption of homeostasis in the pathophysiological mechanisms such as your hormones and the organs that are responsible in its regulation.


The diagnosis of such is readily done through thorough assessment and history taking to also undergo physical examination. Basically it will require three separate sphygmomanometer measurements at least one week apart. There will be laboratory measurements to create the baseline of the treatment and to help work on a plan of action in treating the condition. Creatinine and additional testing for your protein for your renal function to check if kidney problems are present, glucose sampling to check for the presence of diabetes, electrocardiogram or ECG to evaluate heart insufficiencies and chest x-rays to ensure there is no enlargement or damage in your heart and tissues.

Since lifestyle is subjective, change is the best way to get through with this. There is a known guideline that suggests a good line of lifestyle changes, and these are the following:

Discontinuation and cessation of tobacco and alcohol consumption have been proven effective in lowering the blood pressure. Since these two stimulants have been constricting or narrowing your blood vessels and impeding the blood flow, the stoppage of such will lead to a better circulation of your blood.

Weight reduction, regular exercise and proper diet improves the heart flow and eliminates the storage of fats and cholesterol which leads to regulation of heart rate and blood pressure.

Lifestyle modifications, medications and maintenance will help save lives from throwing into waste resulting from negligence and failure to take better care of one self. Ensure your future and be very vigilant and critical when it comes to health care.

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