When Was The Last Time Your Pet Had A Check Up?

byAlma Abell

Can you remember the last time your pet had a check-up? Check-ups are very important when it comes to keeping your pet healthy. The same goes for blood work. In order to provide your pet with a healthy and happy life you need to take them to a veterinary hospital in Northridge for preventative care and check-ups. It is recommended that you take your pet in at least twice a year so that your vet can ensure they are in perfect health. It doesn’t matter whether your pet is currently sick or absolutely healthy. Check-ups are necessary so that you can have your loved one examined and have bloodwork drawn as they age. If your pet has any conditions they can be monitored or detected as a may have started to exhibit signs with aging. So even if your pet seems to be healthy, they could be sick without you even understanding they are ill. Since your pet can’t talk and tell you how they feel, schedule a check-up.

Your Pet’s Age Matters

Just one year is the equivalent of several years when it comes to aging for a cat or dog. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re taking your puppy or kitten to the vet for their first visit when they are quite young. An initial exam will be performed to check for any illnesses or disorders, and a variety of tests will be performed to make sure that your pet is perfectly healthy.

Bloodwork Is Important for Your Pet

It may be recommended that your pet have preanesthetic blood work done before they are neutered or spayed. This will establish a baseline of laboratory values for them. Basically, the bloodwork will be used to determine what is normal for your pet. This will also help detect disease early and let the vet know what type of treatments should be used to prevent and improve the length and quality of the life of their life. Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic to schedule a pet check-up or visit www.portagepark.com for more details.